Sunday, August 28, 2011

Inviting Teams in to Work with You!

Dear Ones,

Remember to invite your team members in to work with you. It is simple. Just invite in the energies who work with you. Since many of you have new teams, you may not know their names or have a label for them. They also may not have a name or label. That is perfectly fine. For those of you starting out in this work and connection, also remember to invite the energies who protect you to surround you. Do this in the morning, when you wake up. Do this at night, when you go to sleep and do this when you are feeling like you might need extra protection.

The energies who are working on the levels of guides with you may take many forms. Allow them to be, as they need to be. You must learn to get comfortable with each other. This is not a one sided process for either of you. You must learn to work together. Your knowledge and abilities will grow exponentially to the level you are willing to work with the process and grow with it. You are part of the team and must remember that. You serve your purpose in the physical forms and others may not be in a physical form. The whole system works by having you in physical forms and your teams in other realms and dimensions. There permutations are endless. Whatever is coming through to you is right for you. Trust what you pick up and enjoy creating your bond and relationship with those meant to help and protect you.