Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Foundations and Changes

People often express what they want and then their teams give them the steps to achieve the desire. The steps are designed to help each of you build a secure foundation on the creation. The steps also help you define better what you truly desire. You can’t skip steps and expect a strong foundation. Each step builds on the previous step.

There are many who would just wish to have things handed to them. They claim that they never get what they want but then they keep the same patterns going that create what they have. You must be willing to start over and recreate to achieve new or different results. If you hold the same old patterns, you create the same results. They may look different but they will be the same.

Those who are successful at recreating themselves are those who are willing to change and try something new. They are willing to go outside of the boxes that they know or feel comfortable with. They create new foundations and new experiences and they are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. They do what comes through to do to manifest their desire.

Evaluate your lives and what is working and what isn’t working and see what you can do differently to achieve your desired goals.