Monday, August 22, 2011


Blessed Ones of the Light,

When those of you of the light are truly ready and committed to working with those meant to work with you, they will come through to you. You may have groups that come through to prepare you and you may have the group or being that is meant to assist you. This process will be different for all of you who are meant to undergo this.

This process of melding can only take place for those truly ready and committed to this transitional way of being on the earth. It is something that once it takes place, cannot be undone. Think carefully before you commit to this change of being. There is no going back, if this is a commitment that you make. You must think it through before you agree to it. Many will not understand what is taking place with you and you must protect this process. The life you currently know will be no more, as you enter into this new way.