Friday, August 19, 2011

Energy Shifting in New Phase

We are entering into a period where some of our energy must step back and allow you to follow your own guidance (meaning your own teams). You must follow the journey that presents itself to you. We will come through and give you periodic information or give you a heads up on what is about to be. You are ready for what you must now do and you no longer need us. If you do find that you need extra help, please contact Ken and ask for specific help, he will be used to channel the information to help you.

Those of you who are meant to follow the path of light, will receive your answers directly. We have just acted as a team or consortium of energies to help you receive what you were having trouble receiving directly. You must each stand on your own power. You may not use the power of others. Trust what comes through you and you will experience the lessons that you need to follow. We trust you each to create your pathways beautifully. Your lessons may seem difficult but if that is how they come, that is how you have chosen to learn. We cannot interfere with how each of you must learn. Your teams may not interfere with how you must learn. We may only give support to those ready for our support. Only you know if you are truly ready for the help that is available to you.

Don’t ask for guidance, if you are not ready to receive it or if you fear it. The process will work best for you, when you are open to receive from your groups and willing to follow what guidance you receive.

(As of this writing, I have been given daily channels through September 9. But all signs are pointing to the messages coming as needed for others. So, I don’t know the plan after that. - Ken)