Friday, July 8, 2011

Your Path and the Paths of Others!

It is important to help people on their path and not on the path you want them on. It is vital for any light being to understand that. Many disciplines work on trying to conform each of you into their skill sets or ways. That is not what your existence is meant to be.

Each of you who has been sent on the planet at this time must ask who you were sent here by and what your work is. Some of you have been given tasks to figure out how your skill sets translate on the human plane. From that place those who have sent you here are putting together your work. So, look to your abilities for clues. We know some of you may be in what humans consider middle age or old and you have not really begun your work but that is because much needs to be put in place and the timing for each of you must be right. Your age doesn’t matter. It is about alignment to your work and purpose.

There is no need to struggle in this process or to fight the process. It all becomes clear shortly. The most important thing you can do is follow your intuitive guidance. You may also ask who you work for and ask them for your directions. It will vary for all of you.

This information does not apply to those of you who have asked to be sent on the earth plane. Your paths may be completely different. So for you, ask what you purpose is here and what you are meant to learn and/or teach. You have created a different life plan than those who were sent by different entities to work on this plane. It all goes back to each of you are on your own path and must create accordingly.


The Light