Sunday, July 24, 2011


There is a new world shift taking place. Mankind is in the process of this great change and you will find many of you are awaiting the new directions. Keep following what guidance you are receiving. Trust that the new guides and team members are showing up to take you to this new place. The shift in guides is meant to be seemless. Many of you may not be aware of the changes taking place. Some of you know the energy of your guides so well that you are aware of the changes in teams. Know all of this is under the direction of those beings who oversee this process. You are in good hands in all cases.

Many of you feel the changes that are taking place and it feels profound to you. We ask that you go with the flow. Much of what is taking place will make sense in the near future. You have done great work and we are proud of you.

For those attempting to stay the same or in the same place, there is also a place for each of you. So, there is no need for worry or concern.

For those whose work is changing, know that you will understand your work and pathway very soon. It is nearer than you think or realize. Some of you will need to be extracated from your current situations for the changes to avail themselves. All is in order and taken care of. There is much love for all of mankind and all life forms. All life is important and valuable. Even things that mankind finds insignificant.