Saturday, July 2, 2011


Look for ways to be of service. Don’t try and define what that means anymore than that statement. When you are ready to take on your light work duty, we ask you to work more closely with your guides. Start the day with asking how you can best be of service. Invite your guides to help you with this. Then see what the day brings. As you do the service, you will find that it will be just second nature. It may seem like a small thing to you but it may be huge to someone else.

This is not about imposing on someone or forcing someone into your belief systems. That is violation and not service. What we are looking for is ways to help with whatever shows up for you to help with. You are not looking for accolades. You are looking for ways to help others by just being you. We don’t ask you to do this so that you will have your rewards but so that you will just show up as a messenger of the light. The service will never be something that is out of your value system. Whatever the service is will be in alignment with you and those you are helping.

This process may not be for all of you. Until you can do this with an open heart, don’t do it. There may be times where you can truly do this and other times where you just need to do something else that day. Only ask to be of service when you can do it with an open heart, from love and compassion and with no judgment of others