Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Energy Drains

What or who have you allowed to steal time from you? This is the energy of people or things that take your time but are not productive. It could be talking about people you have no control over or situations that you are not going to change. It could be watching television where you shut off your mind and allow whatever before you to permeate you thoughts. Start paying attention to this.

A lot of people are drama/trauma people who feel the need to spread that energy to others. All this does is lower the vibration of others. It doesn’t help or change anything. Start looking at where this shows up in your life and also look at what you value and want to put your energy into.

Once you eliminate the energy vampires and energy leaks, you will free up a lot of energy in your day and life. Most people have some area of their life where they allow this to happen and it only serves to prevent you from doing what you would rather do or need to do. Setting new boundaries will help create change in your life and open up your energy.