Thursday, July 14, 2011

People and Energy

People who are holy or spiritual don’t need to broadcast it. You will feel it from them. People who need to profess their connection with God or the Divine, are probably not there yet. If they preach hatred, fire, hell, damnation or the need to repent, they are not even remotely connected to the Higher realms. If they exude love, compassion, they are most likely truly connected.

People who are famous, don’t need to tell others that they are famous. Someone may be famous in their community or in their country and not known outside of their area of fame but if they are meant to be famous, you will soon know of them for doing something that helps or connects with people. There is a trend for people to be famous for things that are not worthy of fame but they are able to capture attention. Those people will not maintain the limelight. For the time they have in the limelight, they need to manipulate people to stay in the focus.

Know that none of your purposes is about gaining attention just to show off. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to help many, that is what the focus should be. There is enough ego energy in your world without trying to expand that. Most who garner fame are not doing it for the intention of gaining fame. They are doing what they truly love and enjoy and that brings them out into the world.

Pay attention to how people present themselves and how they expect others to treat them. That will tell you a lot about who and what they truly are.


(I will be traveling from July 15 - 18 and I will not have access to a computer. I will start up the messages again when I get back home on the 18th. Have a great few days. - Ken)