Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Silence and Boundaries

Enjoy the silence and the quiet. Humans don’t do that enough. You feel the need to be on the go all the time. Take a breath! Try enjoyment of relaxation! Spend time without any pressure placed on you or the need to rush around. How does this feel to you to just Be and not have to do. It may seem strange, at first but later it will grow on you. Your world is changing soon and you will need some time to regroup and relax. If there is constant commotion around you, you will not be able to regroup and check into your inner guidance system.

On another note, try and look at the boundaries you may be trouncing on. If someone gives you the parameter that is good for them but you feel the need to negate what they said and impose something on them that they have said is bad for them, you are violating them. Each of you gets to do what is right for yourself but you must learn to respect that others must create the boundary that is right for them. Each of you is going through different transitions and needs. You each must do what is right for you but you must allow others to do what is right for them also.