Monday, July 11, 2011

Energy and Processing

When things are going on in your life that cause your energy to get convoluted, we need to spend time with you to purify you. When you are in positions where this happens often, it may take us longer to do this than to just work with you. That is why many of you are placed in a form of isolation so we can just work with you and you have been asked to remove violence from your day, in all forms.

Many of you have wondered why you are single and kept so or we allow you out in the world early or late when there are not many out and about. The reason is that it takes work to get you to the level we need you at. When you constantly go into areas where people are not raising their vibration, you will need to shield yourself to be out and about or we will need to shield you. If you were in a relationship with someone who didn’t understand the process you are going through or wasn’t supportive of that process, we would need to isolate you from that energy. So, again, it is easier to just separate you from many so we can just prepare you and help you go out and do the work you are meant to do. Once you are doing your work, you will be safe to do it without much of the precautions.