Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Reprogramming to Love Base!

I have been going through a phase where my guides are keeping me away from a lot of situations. I was tuning in to see what was happening and this is the information that came through:

The pieces that we are keeping you away from are fear based. We have asked you to stay away from violence and situations where a group of people want to control you. We have asked you to stay away from groups that are founded on underlying fear. Like their purpose for being is because of their need to assert their right to exist or they want to take care of “catastrophes.” We have asked you to no longer read fear based books or even authors who write because of their fears. Follow the through line of all the energy we ask you to stay away from.

Our goal with you is to move you into a love based way of being and to do that the old energy must be stripped away and the new foundation formed. So, when any of you ask about doing something and a resounding no comes through, try and tune into the energy you are being asked to stay away from. This will help you reform your life as it was intended. This energy may be in anything that you want to buy or do. So, when you hear no, there is something about the energy of what you are asking about that is not in alignment with your goals or true desires.