Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soul Grouping's Quest

What is your soul grouping looking for? We are surrounded by souls connected to us and each may play a different role with us. You each have your own part to play and role to play. Look at how it all interacts and how it works or doesn’t work. Find the path and way within each challenge and experience. What comes up with each programming?

With the downloading, we are preparing those in the downloading process for what is next. You may find that your energy is altered or our requests may stem from the work we do with you each day. There may be a need to keep you away from toxic energy or energy that is out of alignment of what we need for you. Pay attention to this. It is vital for you to do what is coming through for you. We recognize others do not understand this process and if they are not going through this process it will seem foreign to them. So, you are responsible for setting the boundary to enforce what is coming through for you.

(I will be out of town traveling from July 22nd until August 1st. If my group comes through with messages during this period, I will post them for you on the site! I will have access to e-mail. Blessings! Ken)