Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Energy in Its Natural State!

For those of you who see energy around you and others, you will often see guides, spirits and guards. However, you are not necessarily seeing how they really look or seeing them in their natural states. Many will take on forms that don’t scare their people. They will morph into appearances that you will find pleasant or comforting.

There are many who express that they see their angels but they are not looking at angels or even communicating with angels. The humans are holding preconceived notions based on doctrine and what they assume is a higher energy. So, they are really lumping guides, spirits and whatever is around them and labeling them angels. You could assume that all messengers are angels since that is what angel really means but we also realize that you are not using the term generically. You are thinking they are really angels and not just beings who bring you messages.

We would prefer that you take us at face value for what we really are and not what you want us to be. As you evolve, you will then allow us to be what we truly are and we will not need to morph into shapes and forms that you will accept. We have even taken on labels (names) because that gives you comfort. Your next piece is to see, hear, feel and experience all beings as they really are without prejudging or trying to control who and what others are. Allowing energy to be what it needs to be is a powerful step for those willing to take it.