Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Advance!

How do we advance ourselves?

Start by releasing what is not in alignment with who you want to be. Look at how you would wish to change your behaviors. Look at what you find getting in the way of what is important to you. Start clearing out things that just waste your time but give you no value. Clear out violence and fear energy. Surround yourself in peace and love energy. Fill yourself with light. Notice how that makes you feel. As you bring yourself to awareness of what doesn’t fit who you want to be, you can start clearing that energy and it gives you more time and space to be who you do want to be. Also, consciously, work on areas of your life that you want to change. Start with your behaviors and reactions. Find your priorities. All of this will help you evolve and become a new person who is more advanced.

This is not about evolving so that you can laud over anyone. If you feel the need to show your superiority, you have not advanced. You are evolving for your own betterment and not to control or change another. We know we keep repeating this but we see many humans start to evolve and then feel the need to show how great they are to others. Advancement is about growing and working on who and what you are so that you can continue to evolve. You are responsible for your own growth. After you master that, there will be people who come to you for help. Notice how many people wish to fix others but their lives are a mess. Start with working on you.