Monday, July 4, 2011


Dear Ones,

We have not spoken of shielding in a long time. With the shifting of energy and your energy being aligned, there is much changing now and you may be in situations where you can’t be around certain energy. We realize that isolating you only works so far in the world you live in.

You may ask your guards to protect you but there are times you may need more. One example is to set up a shield of light around you or to ask that the energy around you and your space be surrounded in a bubble with the vibration and frequency appropriate for you where any energy not appropriate to you cannot penetrate this area. You can focus on raising the vibration and sealing off the energy that does not belong around you.

You may remove any chords that have been attached to you that don’t belong to you. If you are in any toxic environment, you will need to do this. If you are leaving an office with this type of energy, remove the chords before you get in your car to go home. It is a simple as just focusing on the chords being removed from you. You don’t want to cut the chords because then there will be part of the chords still in you.

Try and avoid people who are toxic around you or keep trying to send toxic thoughts and energy your way. The above techniques are for when you are in toxic environments or situations.

There are other techniques but these are the ones we can share with the larger group who may see our words.


Yahweh and the Team