Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Look at the patterns that you hold. It may be in your body or in your behaviors or some other variation. Pay attention to these patterns and check in with what is working for you and what isn’t. First you must recognize what you are doing to precipitate what is around you and then you can develop techniques for changing what isn’t working in favor of what will work for you.

Start looking at patterns that reflect what you want to attract into your life. As you see what seems to work for others, you can see if that is, in fact, something that would also work for you. It allows you to play with energy and see what techniques work for you and what don’t. You may even create something totally different that is even better for you.

Some of the repatterning that is taking place will come from other arenas of beings who are helping you right now. Others will need to come from you. As always, ask when you are not sure and you will get answers to help you through the different changes.