Friday, December 30, 2011

Increments of Time!

We are coming to a close of another year. An end to an increment of time and a time of new beginnings. Some of you are dreading this because of false prophecies of 2012. Know that as one phase ends another begins. Your phases are not determined by a calendar. They are dependent on the energy alignment. There is no beginning or ending to time and space. It just is. When you leave this reality, you enter another reality. No matter where you are or what you are experiencing, help is always available to you. Leave your ego minds. Open up to the mind of your spirit. Open to the place where your wisdom calls to you. Release your fears and be open to the foundation of love, truth and joy. You are ready for what is now to be. Let this happen and take place. No matter when you receive this message, it will be relevant to your journey. Arise brothers and sisters and step into the new. The new awaits you and you are clearly ready for a new adventure.