Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shine Your Light!

Light is something that is within each of you and it must be allowed to shine brightly. You are not masters nor servants. You are each vehicles for the light to shine out into the world. Earthlings spend much time learning to dim their light but that is not the way of light. It is meant to be as it is and what it is. It simply is. It doesn’t think about how to be what it is. It only shines.

You must relearn to shine. Bring your brightness and power into all that you do. You will find you feel better and do better. It is simple. Never again allow others to make you feel small. Don’t accept that as a way of being. You are light and as such must Be! Know that your light will be specific for each of you. In that it is perfect. It has no one else to measure up to. You will venture forth as you are and accomplish your life work and mission just by using your gifts and talents and bringing them into the world.

Blessings of the Light!