Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Precipice of Changes!

We are in the precipice of changes right now. Some are meant to be part of these changes and others are meant to move on. There is no need to hold anyone back or in place. Each must follow their own path. People will come and go in your lives. This is nothing new. It is part of life. We realize that many of you need to mourn these changes but after you grieve the past, be open to the future.

You must learn to let go of what no longer works for you so that you have space for what does work for you. You can’t drag others with you. You must allow each to follow their own timing and directions. Whoever belongs with you, will show up. Trust this. You may need a period of time where you are left alone. So, don’t try and force new acquaintances. Allow the right people to show up. Trust what you sense and don’t try to read into things that are not there and force creations. All works out how it needs to work out.