Thursday, December 29, 2011

Multiple Levels of Change

There are multiple levels of change taking place on the earth and in your lives right now. Believe this. For you are seeing how tyrants are loosing their power. You are seeing how many are no longer satisfied with feeling disenfranchised or out of the loop. Many are starting to wake up. Some are being clear about what they want in their lives. Some are in the stage of just knowing something doesn’t work right now. Some feel a sense of something about to occur. These are all signs of change and the status quo being redone. You will notice how your own life is changing and shifting. It is okay that you don’t know how this will affect you but you must realize it all points to shifts and changes.

Now how do you handle this energy? Take some deep breaths. Go to your quiet place and just be open. You will receive the guidance on what you need to do right now. Whenever you feel apprehensive, get quiet and be open. Your guidance systems will come through. If you receive nothing then you are being counseled to be patient or your teams are working on something. You may ask what you need to do right now in this moment or you may be open to some other question. You may also ask if there is another question that you need to invoke or ask. Pay attention to what comes through. Some of you may be drawn to a book or class or some other process. Allow that to lead you. Others may be drawn to show up some place at a specific time. Follow through on whatever you pick up. Know there is nothing scary about what is taking place. Know it is from a place of love and it should help empower each of you into your own life path.