Saturday, December 17, 2011

Path of Growth and Discovery!

You are each on a path of growth and discovery. Even when you are not aware of what that means, you are still on that path. Phases and stages come and go as they are needed and required. You complete one aspect of your work and then proceed to the next phase. You will find there are twists and turns that await you in each moment. You are not stagnant, even when you feel stuck. You are of great light and potential. Your work and your path hold the keys to much in your journey on the earth and many other realities.

Take each piece as the wonderful gift that it is. Allow your power to shine and to surge forth. Know we beckon you onward. You are mankind’s salvation. You at this very moment hold the keys to development, growth and the future. Pay attention to what you are creating in your thoughts, minds and deeds. Waste not your energy on projects not of your intent or desires. Tune into what is within you and aligned with you. You will know how to proceed. That is the key to your transformation. Do not the work of others but of yourselves. Follow your own path and not the pathway of another. You are your own self for a reason. Pay attention. Wake up now and be who you really are!