Friday, December 16, 2011


Each phase that you are creating will serve a purpose. Not all things happen in each phase. You must learn to tune into the specific phase and ask it what it’s purpose is. Some phases may be just about clearing away something or parts of your life that no longer serve you. Some phases may be about bringing in certain aspects. If you learn to be with each phase, it allows the phase to create its purpose faster and then you may move onto the next phase.

Your lives are composed of many phases and stages. You must learn to work along with the phases or stages and not fight them. Each will serve you. Some stages are related to others. So, you are unable to move on until those who are connected move on. There are times you are solitary and times you are interdependent. Tune into each piece and ask how it serves you and what is needed for this part. Ask how you can assist and be willing to step back, when you need to get out of the way. You are not in control of all things that show up in your lives. You also have areas of your life where you need to step in and take more control. It all depends on the piece you are working on or that your teams are working on.


The Light