Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Get the Most Out of Each Experience!

Feast on life. Get the most out of each experience. Even when you decide to hibernate or relax. Know that you can get the most out of the experience by fully engaging with whatever you are doing. Show up in your life. Show up in your day and each moment. Enjoy sensations while you have them and access to them. Not all realities have sensations. This is something that is magical about your physical reality. Think about that.

Humans often complain but they don’t realize what they really do have. This form of reality is a true gift that many other beings would long for. You don’t appreciate things until they are removed. You don’t realize the wonder in something until it is taken away. Often, you focus on lack instead of abundance. You are always wanting more without truly appreciating all that you have.

The Christians and Jews among you have just come off of a season that is about gift giving. Did you appreciate what you were given? Did you appreciate the efforts others made for you? Do you value what you have right here and now? Pay attention to these answers for they will help you release old beliefs and move into the new from a clear place of valuing all that you truly have. This is part of the amazing world you live in.