Thursday, December 22, 2011

Effects of your Shifts!

We join with you as you engage in holiday events. Many of you will start feeling absent from large gatherings. You can no longer be part of huge functions where others get drunk and impart jovial banter. Your world is changing and altering and you must be willing to form new bonds. You may shy away from gatherings of such. You may find that people who were friends of yours no longer fit into your life and world. That is fine.

Make sure you shield yourself before heading to holiday parties. When you engage with family and friends who were from your old life, be present and awake. Pay attention to how you feel in such events. In many cases, you are the one who has changed and not them. They are as they have been and will be. There are times you must be in such environments but it is vital that you distance yourself in respectful ways. Your knowledge is growing. Your old life friends and family may not have agreed to evolve, as you have. So, judge not them for where they are. There is a place for all of you to be and survive the shifting.

You are never alone. There will be others who resonate with you, who show up in your life. Sadness often shows up when you expect that others are just as you are. You may feel alone but rest assured, you are not. We are around you. We gather near you and we value, appreciate and love you very much.

We are your beings of light who are united with you and form a bond deeper than you can imagine. Just remember that. Whoever you are and wherever you are in your life is perfect for you. That is what your journey is about. We commend you for your bravery.


The United Forces of Light