Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Phase

Happy Noel! Rejoice you my children for I welcome you to a new future and a paradigm shift. What you will do in this new phase is up to you. New opportunities will present themselves to you. You will alter your reality and engage in something new just by being here at this time. The old is at an end and the new beckons you forward. Unite with the light fellowship and you will be ushered into a new form and new reality.

You will notice my forces guiding you into your future. There are light beings around you now who will take you towards your future. Some humans will stay and many will cross over. All are heading towards their future selves. This is a very exciting time now. Allow it to be so. Feel the love being transmitted to each of you. Now is the time of such great joy and happiness. For we welcome you into our fold.

Blessed children, do not fear what is to be. It is a new journey and you are ready to embark on this great adventure. We send you much love and gratitude. Blessings, my holy offspring. For you are ready to advance now.

Mother of Creation!