Thursday, December 15, 2011


Brothers and Sisters,

Let us speak of resources today. You will always have access to the resources that you require. When a resource seems to be missing or not showing up, it is because you are trying to do something that is not in alignment with what you are to do. For instance, when you are taking care of the needs of another that is not for you to take care of, you will feel a sense that something is off or realize that what you need to accomplish the task may be missing. There are times where you may need to do something but then the resources will show up with the individual you are helping.

You are on new ground now and the rules are changing. Try and not get caught up in the desires of others. There are times where people will ask you to intercede for them on a matter and then when you require their assistance to do what they requested, they will act as if they don’t know what you are talking about. Pay attention to this. You cannot help others unwilling to help themselves. People will spur you on to do something and then not back you up when it counts. This happens often in your realm. When this happens, be willing to walk away from the project that others have insisted that you do without their support. There will be enough for you to stand up for and do.


The Light!