Thursday, June 7, 2012

If someone feels that they are off of their path, how do they get back on their path?

First someone must be open. They cannot say that they feel that they are off of their path and then try and control the process or systems in place.

We would have someone tune in and see if they are off of their path or just merely in a place that feels uncomfortable. Many go off of their path because they are conditioned by others who do not understand anything but the ego ways of being in the world. They are taught to do things and constantly be busy but they never allow quiet time to reflect and be open. As you evolve, you may feel there is more out in the world for you and you must follow your path. This energy is akin to being in a church or religious institution and you hearing how things are meant to be but you realize that the doctrine is not working for you. Waking up to your path is very much like that. You realize you are here for much more than what you have been taught to believe.

After you are open, you must release what you think you know. Be open to a totally new system coming through to you. This is your path and you may find that many need to be released to make way for those who do belong with you and around you. You are advancing into great change and with that everything around you is open to release and new energy coming forward. As you cultivate your new life, you will be aware of more and more shifting taking place. It is a wide and beautiful world you embark on.

Before you wish for this shift to take place, make sure that your current life is no longer serving you. The ego lives have served a purpose and in many ways keep you safe until it is time to do your light path. So, be aware of why something is before you try and change it.


Noah and Moshe