Monday, June 18, 2012

Learn to look through the eyes of separate lenses. When you are dealing with other people, there is no need to judge them. You may look through their energy grid to understand them and their purpose and experiences. You are not meant to work with everyone. You don’t even need to expend a lot of energy on certain people. You must respect all life and the purpose of each life. If you understand where they are coming from without judging them, you open up to resonance. There is nothing to fear. If you fear an energy, you may simply just step away from it. You may also put up your shields so that you are not harmed by them.

Know that you are here for a purpose and you may focus on attracting the energy that is right for you. Don’t put so much energy in the energies not right for you. Many will put energy in what isn’t right for them and only a little in what is right for them. Flip that around. You want the majority of your energy to go to what you resonate with. You will find your soul is fed much better that way.