Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The theme of relocation has been coming up for a lot of people lately. Many more are going to feel this theme come through. For most people, if you are ready to move to a new location, you must start with what you are looking for in a new area. Write out all that you are aware of that is important to you. What does the place look like and feel like. What types of activities do you like? Do you enjoy seasonal changes? Do you like cold weather? Do you only want hot weather? How do you feel about humidity? What types of people do you enjoy? Do you like more rural areas or cities? Think about what quality of life means to you.

Then, after you have created the list and information. Do a prayer asking that the Universe guide you to your new home. Ask for the signs to be clear so that you can recognize them and understand that they are your answers. You can ask for three signs that are really clear for you and easily understood by you.

For those who are on a spirit path, you can do the above and then ask where you are needed now. You may be relocated where you are needed versus where you may want to live. If you are on this path, all will move smoothly, where you go. Follow your guidance and you will always be taken care of. For others, you may include that you want your life to work out smoothly for you in the new place and you may even mention what are the signs that you would understand.

I was looking at living in Chicago at one point. I had been guided to go there. I found a place to live but I asked for three clear signs that I should or shouldn’t live there. If it was a no, then I wanted to know in no uncertain terms. I asked to receive my answer by 4 PM on the Thursday of that week. At 4 PM, I received a call from the management company I was working with. I was told that the owner wasn’t going to allow me to rent the condo’s parking space, that the owner wasn’t going to fix a huge crack in the living room wall and that I wasn’t allowed to have a piano in the space. Those where three signs that would be deal breakers for me. You know what signs would lead you in one direction or be your deal breakers. The Universe will work with you.