Sunday, June 10, 2012

For those of you wishing to evolve and be on a path that means more connection to spirit, you must be wise and wake up. You are not here for your earth brothers and sisters but you are here to wake up. You are ready to move through your physical world in a different form of energy. You must lighten your load and you will know how to proceed, when you are ready.

The first step in this process is you must declare that you are willing to follow your spirit plan or spirit path. You must be willing to let your spirit take over and you must be willing to let go of your human ego mind and await further instructions. Your spirit must awaken and reform your energy. Pay attention to what now comes through, once you have made this shift. Your guidance will appear effortlessly. Be open. Evolve your life on a higher plane of existence. You will be prepared for what is to be. You will meet the heavenly hosts upon your shifting. You may only do this, when and if the time is right for you. You will only be taken on this journey, if it is among your path choices. This new way of being will be in alignment for you, if and when it is right for you.


The Yahwehs