Monday, June 11, 2012

What are you programming as your reality? People often think something or spout something, not realizing that they are programming their reality by doing that behavior. When you say that something is a certain way, you are telling the Universe that is what you want to have happen or that is what you want as your reality.

We hear many of you saying yes but that is the way it is. That is what is in the news or the paper. We have always said to not get caught up in what appears to be. You will tend to gravitate to whatever you believe is so. So, if you believe that something is so, that is what you will see showing up in your life.

This is the time for you to focus on what you wish to see and have happen and that is what you will attract. Your world is changing. There is much out there and you will see what you are focusing on seeing . If you focus on trouble and struggle, that is what you will manifest and see all around you. If you focus on the amazing things that are taking place around you and the amazing people who are doing wonderful work, that is what you will find.

It is like when you purchase a car, you suddenly see many cars that are just like yours. If you are having an issue or a family member is having and issue, you will all of the sudden be inundated with others who are having the same issue.

This is the process where you are setting your filters. That is why what you watch and program into your mind is so important. What you think and continually repeat is programming your reality. The more you repeat stories and assert certain energy, the more you attract it to you. So we suggest that if you do not want to perpetuate something, stop putting your energy into it. If it is something that involves care giving for another, put only the energy into what you absolutely need to. If you wish to manifest someone to help you with the care giving, invoke that into being. If you are supporting someone in their process, then realize that it is their process and you don’t need to take it on.

The way things are relates to your beliefs so pay attention to what you truly believe. Lip service and actions need to match. You can reprogram your thoughts and actions by changing your focus and attract another result.


Yahweh and the Godhead