Thursday, June 21, 2012

We see many of you insisting on your way to create but you are not asking if there is something that has shifted. You insist on continuing to do something your way, even when it isn’t working for you. If you are trying to create something new, you must be open to the new energy. You will not need to take anyone along with you on this journey. You must allow all things to be released and to be open to something that is different appearing in your life.

To create something new, you must be open to a completely new approach. You must be willing to suspend what you believe that you think you know. You must be willing to step on the ledge of immortality and to open to the expansive knowledge that presents itself to you.

You each have a matrix or grid system that has helped to create what you currently have in your lives. When you are invoking something new, your grid system shifts and changes. Your vibration must shift to allow for the new energy to appear and awaken in your lives.

As you open to the new, much will change in your lives to align you with what is new. We beckon you onto your new journey. Awaken your new vibrations. Allow the plan to evolve and shift and change. Learn to release all that you know or think you know. You will move into your new direction.


Yahweh and the Light Bringer