Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Survivors are not the ones who get stuck in the mire. They are the ones who learn to flow with what is and not what they desire things to be. They are able to work with what is showing up and to adapt to what is around them. If you get locked into something and are not able to change and adapt, how can you survive?

Changes have a fluidity around them. Changes are about evolving and going in different directions. You might find that your answer appears in places that you have not yet begun to look. You know that your awareness needs to open up. That is how you will prosper. You have many steps to revere and respect. Each step is worthy of your time and effort. Each step will help you with your foundations. Take each step as it arises. Work with what you have and enjoy the process. Remove your angst and apprehensions. You will go much further. You will know how to proceed.