Thursday, June 14, 2012

Many of us often see things that we perceive as needing to be changed, helped or healed. When we try to figure out the way to help with this, we keep hitting walls. We are trained to fix things that seem off but we find there are many things that we are not there to fix.

We may see that someone is hurting and we want to help them feel better, yet whatever we come up with doesn’t seem to help. This is where we have to be able to step back and realize that we are with someone else’s journey. They may require a certain experience and we can only support them in their process. We may only be there for that support. If there is something else we are able to do, that information will come to us, when and if it is appropriate. We are not there to change the destiny of another.

I have been working with my Dad now for years with some pretty intense pain experiences. They seem to be getting worse. He is not someone who would process energy to understand it. So, his body is getting louder with what he is used to experiencing. Working with him has taught me patience and that I can only support him on his journey and not change it. The soul contracts between us only allows me to be with him on certain levels and for certain parts of his experiences. Once those are established, we then need to work within those constructs.

For those of you who do healing work, know that healing takes many forms and it is not always as we expect it to be. But whatever form it takes, will be perfect for the individual involved.