Monday, June 25, 2012

Time is fleeting for many of you. You seem to view the world in terms of what you can get from it instead of what you can bring to it. Many of you are here for yourselves so the self centered approach will work nicely for you. Those of you who are here for your journey of self discovery are here to expand and broaden your scope of knowledge. Those who are bringers of light and meant to help others are on the physical plane for quite a different purpose.

If you are bringers of light, you will not manifest as those of self do. You will manifest through the light. Your best lives evolve when you are truly open to the service path to help others, the earth and other beings. You may represent other realms. You will resonate from your true source and not the convoluted source energies of religious orders. Access your true source light and be that. You will know where to go and what to do.

There is nothing wrong with any of the paths that co-exist with and around you. They are just different from your own journey and pathways. Acknowledge this and know that you are not here to change others or make others adhere to your systems or ways of being. You will no longer thrive in a world that is constantly trying to control and manipulate. You can thrive when you align with your true natures and work on what is for you to work on. Align yourself to your own true selves. Open to the guidance that presents itself to you. Now is a time of great change, evolution and self discovery. Allow the miracles to take place.

Many blessings!

The Light