Saturday, June 9, 2012

We pass no judgment to any path being "the way." There are many variations that appear on your plane of existence and each must pick what is right for each being who is following that way.

We observe many who express how spiritual they are but yet they are willing to go into places and chastise others for being who and what they are. They will go into an area to affect change but they will never really understand why something is as it is and the way it might need to be. A being of spirit finds things as they are and is willing to be in resonance with them and be open to understand it. There is nothing in your world that requires fixing or changing. It is all how it needs to be. When you are awake, you see all that is differently but those not awake will not see what you speak of or revere. You must each find your own ways in your world.

Open to the flow, if and when you are ready for such an experience. If you are in control and manipulation, you are not ready for such a way of being. Some are getting prepared for new adventures. You will learn your new ways, as you evolve. You must not try and take others with you. You will be aware of what you require and you will not be in a hurry but in the process. Allow what needs to take place to take place. Allow all that is meant to be to be. There is an organic evolution taking place right now. You will know what needs to be for that to take place.

Many blessings!

The Prophets of Light