Monday, June 4, 2012

Last month, I was doing some work with some friends who are looking for where home is for them. I was tuning in and asked where is home for me. What came through was that home was not on this planet and in this sphere of existence. This may seem odd to some of you but it makes sense to me. People often ask the wrong question in trying to find an answer. They assume that because they are in human form that they are human and that they are here to do certain things. This is not always the case. When I was tuning in, I was given questions to ask to help others find where to reside.

One question was where am I needed now? Another way to phrase this is where are my talents and gifts needed now?

How may I do the most good?

What home base will allow me to live my life purpose best and follow my destiny on the earth?

Think about the qualities you want to explore in your life. Focus on putting that all together. If you are here to be of service, you need to focus on where your services can do the most good or the good that is required of you. If you are here for some other purpose, you want to focus on finding that place that allows you to do the most with your purpose of being. When you put those questions out into the Universe, you will be guided to where you can fulfill your purpose or destiny best. Some of you may find that your journey is more nomadic and others may find a definitive home base shows up.

If you are looking for what is next for you, the above may help you find how to create the missing piece.