Saturday, June 2, 2012

For those who are looking for where to move, here is a technique to help you out. Focus on what you would like in your home, land, apartment, condominium, city, town and state. Also, be clear about the quality of life that you would like and how things work for you. Write this information down. Then, you open up to where that is. Ask for signs to point you in the direction of where your home is. Try and remove any preconceived notions. You might take a map out and see where energy shows up for you. Don’t try and limit the possibilities right now. Then, write out the areas that come up for you. If at all possible visit the areas where you feel home would be and see how things work out for you there. Ask for the signs to show up that you will understand and recognize.

When I know that I need to move from an area, the above is how I usually figure out where home is. Sometimes, I just hear move to wherever. You can ask for the money to move and create the new space. If you are supposed to be somewhere, the Universe conspires to get you there. The answer may not seem logical to you or it may not sound like where you would want to live. If you are guided to be there things will work out well for you. Most likely, you will not be moved to an area that you find repulsive. If you are guided to a place that you think you won’t like, you will either love it, once you move or you will be there for a specific purpose. You won’t know until you show up and give it a try.