Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Know Your Answers!

You know your answers. You often don’t want to admit it but you do know what is right for you. Stop putting so much energy into what is right for another being. You often don’t really know that answer. Stop trying to fix other’s lives. You often don’t have a clue how to really fix their lives. You just think you do because something looks dysfunctional to you so you decide to interfere.

A better use of your time is taking a look at your own lives. What do you want to change in your own life and existence? Now spend time on what steps might help you get to where you want to go. Chances are it has nothing to do with what another person is doing or not doing. It becomes comfortable to blame others for your unhappiness or anything else you wish to come up with. The truth is, when you are ready to change your life, you must create the change. If you truly wish for something to be different, you must first take steps to create that change. You hold the true power. You must be willing to step in and make the changes required. First look at what you would like to change. Do not tell anyone how they must be, instead, work on yourselves. Help create yourself as you wish to be. Help create the work that is within you. If you do this, you will change your lives to what is right for you and you can then simply enjoy those in your lives whom you feel drawn to and connected with. It involves releasing your attachments to outcomes. Your focus is in the process, enjoying the process and becoming your best you. Try that on and see how it works for you.