Thursday, January 19, 2012


You each have many pathways that will lead you to your journey. There is much variety in all that is before you each. So, worry not about how to get there. It is more important to know that you are meant to follow certain markers on your journey. It is like an actor hitting their mark. There is much that can happen from marker to marker. You may experience much on your journey.

What you study and experience all creates a beautiful tapestry for each of you. However, not all experiences are yours to have. You may find that you are drawn to an experience but for other reasons than you imagine. You may also find you are repelled by certain experiences. Trust what comes from within you. Trust what you seek and what seeks you. Find what resonates with you. Your soul will lead you to many twists and turns. Miracles await each of you in each moment. So, bless that journey and awaken to how you are meant to experience what is before you.

Whatever you do or experience, always tune into your team and you will do a marvelous job. Your futures await you. Trust and know that what is within you will be superb.