Monday, January 9, 2012

Focus on Light!

Blessed Ones,

For those of you who are meant to be bringers of light among mankind, focus on light. Shine light from within you. Utilize images of light radiating from source or envision light radiating form you. Ask that truth be revealed, seen, heard and understood. Shine light in the dark. Shine light in all that you are and do.

You may also tune into what your light is meant to do. If you are meant to heal, shine healing from your core. If you are meant to bring truth, shine the light of truth form your core. To find out what your light is meant to do, ask your teams. You may have some other function. If so, you will find that out too. You may not be a light bearer and if so, your purpose and function will reveal itself to you in another way. This message is mainly geared towards those who are meant to bring light to the people. If you are one of those beings, you will be guided on what to do and how to do it. You do not shine the light with the purpose of changing others but because you are light and must radiate light. Those who need to work with you will show up or gravitate to you.

If you are meant to do other work, that too is special and needed at this time. Ask for clarity about what your work is meant to be and do. You will receive answers. If not now, then you will receive your answers soon.