Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Being Human

Blessings Dear Ones,

You are in our hearts and minds. We believe in you and are so proud of you. You each are following paths that are unique to you and your experiences help us with the human experience. We are not corporal and we have no way of learning about the physical experiences, except through our charges who teach us so much about being human. We watch your concerns and worries and we are able to take that information to understand what it is like to be human. When you step into the physical experience, you often feel disconnected from the higher realm existences. We hold no worries in our forms because we are connected to all that is. We also have no physical needs because we have no physical form. We have appearances and forms but it is not like you experience.

When you leave your physical form, you still have an energy form. You still continue on with or without your physical form. Each existence holds many gifts. Enjoy the gift that you have in your current forms. Enjoy each experience and know there is no reason for worry or stressing over outcomes. It all works out perfectly. Be more present in each moment. You will appreciate all that is going on, at some point, even if you don’t get it right now.

Blessings my dear ones!

The Light