Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Requests for the New Stage!

We are now serious about you doing certain things.

One, stop watching anything with violence, murder, fighting. This energy only lowers your vibration. It is not entertainment. Know this. You have come to think of this as entertainment but it does not raise your vibration. It lowers it and to do your work, you must look to things that inspire you and raise your energy. Some of you think this is boring and that is fine. You are not ready for light work, if you are bored by peace and inspiration.

Two, stay away from those people who are not right for you. You are not making a judgment about them but only what is right for you. You will know that someone is not right from you by using your senses. Do you feel drained by them or feel sick around them? Do you feel a strong connection with them or repelled by them. Do you flinch when they call you? Are you excited when they call you? Pay attention to how you feel around individuals or groups. We have heard you say that you should be able to shield yourself around such people and be with everyone. That is not true. To do light work you must open and expand your energy. You cannot affectively do that around people who do not belong with you. To stop this, tune in before you say yes to anything. If you are supposed to be with someone or in a situation, you will feel good or okay about saying yes to it. The answers may come through other senses. We are just using the feeling sense as an example.

We have heard some of you say that you would rather be with the wrong people than just be open to the right people and spend time alone. However, if you want to be with the right people you can’t take up time with the wrong people. If you persist in this, you are also not ready for your real work. You also don’t have room for the right people and situations to show up.

We would prefer you being alone rather than allowing the wrong people into your lives. If you know something isn’t working stop doing it. There will be plenty of jobs and things for you to do. You open up your creativity by not putting energy into things that are not for you. Your lives will still have some conflicts and various situations because that is just within your learning. Even when you are with the right people there will be conflict because of your human natures. But you must make sure that whatever you involve yourself with is appropriate for you. Always check in and you will know what to do.

For those of you who need to have day jobs, you will still be able to have a day job and support yourself through that work without violating your energy. Ask for the counsel of your teams and you will be just fine. If we put you in a vacuum it is only until there is enough shifting so that you have a better variety of places to go and things to do.

Noah and the Light