Sunday, January 8, 2012

Be What You Are!

Brothers and Sisters,

You or many of you profess to be something but come up with reasons not to follow through. You think to be valid at doing something you must have fancy degrees and be paid for your skill sets. In fact, to be something, you must only be it and do what is within you. If you are a writer, write. If you are an actor, act. If you are a wonderful cook or baker, cook or bake. If you are a healer, heal. Do whatever you say you are, in some form. It is more important to do the task or behavior instead of talking about doing it.

There are professions where you do require added knowledge but there are also ways to be what you truly are right away. From there, study and acquire the degrees you require to expand your abilities. Start from what is innately within you. Always seek more knowledge to help you expand and grow.

No one can do certain work for you. You must do it yourself. But follow what is within you.