Saturday, January 14, 2012

Create Authentically

Arise you who seek truth. Seek the dawn of mankind. Seek evolution and invest in being what you are. Release all that is not for you. Clear a path for what is for you. When you are ready to grow, the growth opportunities will present themselves. You may choose the path of suffering or you may choose to awaken and see the gift in all that happens. Struggle no more. We say this but we respect those who need to struggle. If you desire to be a victim, we will not stand in your way. We respectfully submit there is little power in this, except for those who like to show others their pain and suffering. We would prefer you choose the path of thriving and shining. Glory awaits those willing to seek it.

Pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs for they alter your pathways. If you truly wish to create what is your authentic life, simply ask for help in creating that way of being. There is no fear in something that is of the true light. Pay attention to when it is time to move on and when there is still something of value for you to learn in a situation. If you are honest, you will know what is what and when the timing is right. Don’t waste time in justifying why you are staying in situations you know are ready to be released. You do not do people justice when you hold onto them when you would rather release them. You keep them from moving on. That serves no one. Many do this to be nice but it isn’t nice, it denotes fear of moving forward and you block others from doing the same. When it is time to let go of something, simply let go. It doesn’t need to be a production. Make change simple and you will find it is simple.