Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bring In Light

Brothers and Sisters,

The Light Bearer (Lucifer) was made evil by mankind. Humans knew nothing of what transpired between God and the creations of the Almighty. Mankind created stories of the fallen ones to create punitive ways for those who did not follow the rules that humans created under the guise of coming from God. The names of each angel reflected who and what they were. Mankind created evil ways to justify punitive behaviors. The one called Lucifer only brought light and held light but by making him evil, mankind prevented the light from coming through. It is time to correct that. Mankind requires great light right now. It is important for all light to shine through. There is nothing to fear. Bring in light. Search for truth. Be open and follow your guidance. You will all be magnificent. It is time to move back to decisions based on love and not fear.

The Light Bearer