Monday, December 31, 2012

Since the blog is finished in this phase of undertaking, I would like to finish out the year and blog by wishing you all a very happy, healthy and abundant New Year! Each of your lives are a process of growth and exploration. Some pieces will feel easy and some challenging. You are never alone and you have whatever you need to succeed in your journey. Sometimes the biggest gift you can give to someone is to hold space for them to undertake whatever experience they need to follow through with. In your own lives, take time to love yourself and value your gifts and talents. Be kind and compassionate and allow your lives to unfold. If you can’t love someone unconditionally, give them the space to move on and find those who can love them unconditionally. Start with loving yourself unconditionally.

May the coming year help you find whatever dreams and goals you have and are meant to partake in. May you have joy, love and laughter on your path and good friends and family members to enjoy life with you.


Ken and his Team