Friday, December 7, 2012

You can’t force people into your life because you want them in your life. You can’t force people to spend time with you. You can’t force people to be your friends. People must be in your life because they belong in your life. We know that this can be lonely, at times, but it is well worth waiting for the right people to step into your life. There is plenty of work for you to do, while you are waiting for the people who belong in your life to show up. Focus on changing your thoughts to more loving and positive thoughts. Work on yourself to be who and what you truly want to be. When you are on your path, you will have things show up as if by magic. It is only when you are not on your path that you have to work really hard to make things happen and make people engage with you.

It is time to move past manipulation. Enter into the flow that benefits you. If you are around people who are working on lowering the vibrations of others, start to distance yourself from those people. The only reason to be around the people who are dedicated to lowering the vibrations of others, is if that is what you enjoy doing yourself. If you are committed to raising your own vibration, you need to be around others who are raising their vibrations. It is time to choose the type of being you wish to be and the life that you wish to create. Your job is not to change others or “fix” others. Your basic job is to experience and grow.