Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For the past few years, I have been watching my Dad go into phases and out of phases where he is not really here on this plane. When he goes into these places, I haven’t been able to track him or find him to see what is going on. I had some friends who are psychics and mediums check in with him to see where he is going and what is happening and they also found that they couldn’t track him. When, my mother made her transition, I was able to communicate with her during the whole process, so I found it interesting that I couldn’t do this with my father. The caregivers and I have watched how my father will appear to be pretty lucid for certain people and then check out of it, when those people are away from him. What we have figured out is that his process is something that isn’t supposed to be tampered with. Doctors will see my Dad and not know what we are worried about and then he leaves the office and goes out of it. This all helped us to realize that anyone who is going to try and alter his path, won’t see what is really going on so that his path is left alone. He needs to undergo whatever is happening with him.

You might find that this shows up with you, in relationship to others. If this is happening don’t worry about it. Allow it to be as it needs to be and hold space for the individuals who are undertaking this process. Your job in these moments is to create a safe place for whatever needs to take place. Remove judgment of this being wrong. Keep them safe and surround them in loving environments. Not being attached to the process of another is a wonderful gift.